A collar with a stand-up design that was inspired by the traditional collar worn by Chinese people. These Chinese-inspired collars, which were modeled after the conventional stand-up Cheongsam collar, are renowned for their timeless appeal. The short, unfolded banded collar and the straight or curved center front of the outfit give it a snug, rigid fit. The Mandarin collar is simpler and less fussy than the traditional folded collar. 

The mandarin collar is a stand-up, short collar style. The front of the collar has a slit with rounded edges. It begins at the neckline and climbs a few centimeters vertically. Remember that a tie cannot be worn with a mandarin collar. Mandarin collars only have a band. There is no button on the band of a mandarin collar. 

Men's Mandarin Collar Shirt

The mandarin collar shirt is a terrific option to your normal go-to attires and it also provides a touch of sophistication to your style, which works wonders for individuals who would want something urban and modern rather than the extremely conventional look, even though its use dates back centuries.It is not unexpected that it has turned into a popular trend nowadays with a growing fan base among fashion enthusiasts. 

And while you might be wondering, how would this particular style broaden your options?  One of the best aspects of this movement is how adaptable it is. It creates a very clean, basic, and refreshing aesthetic as contrasted to a folded collar shirt, so much so that these have also become a vital component of the working wardrobe around the world. The fabrics that the Mandarin Collar Shirts are made of are crucial in determining where they can be worn.

How to Style a Mandarin Collar Shirt?

  • For a more upscale wedding party, the bow-tie types, your regular cotton shirts can be used as formal wear and even look great when topped with a jacket.
  • The full-sleeved or half-sleeved denim shirts with this collar can be worn as smart casual to dates, corporate retreat parties, or a semi-formal meeting at a café or fine dining establishment.
  • A Half-sleeve Mandarin Collar Shirt with Cotton Pants would be a very stylish and modern outfit. 
  • Additionally, you can pair your shirt with blazers and outerwear.
  • At our core, we are all traditional. Put on a mandarin-style kurti and pair it with pants.

Chinese collars go in perfectly with the laid-back appearance. For a laid-back Sunday brunch, wear it with a good pair of jeans and an optional jacket. Beyond the basics, add some Chinese collar shirts in informal checks or skinny stripes to freshen up your outfit. With its very informal appearance, linen is a perfect fit for this style. So feel free to experiment. Wearing a grey or white shirt underneath a suit will give it a more casual yet elegant feel.

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