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Check Shirt for Men

The demands for checked shirts are at their peak in the summer, but that doesn’t restrict any men to wear them in winter. These check shirts are trendy making them the perfect apparel for being comfortable and stylish. 

Formal Checks Shirt of Mens

These check-patterned shirts have always been popular among men. Even if you go down history lane, you’ll find many men wearing these check shirts. Pattern checks are very widely loved. Formal Checks shirts are a semi-formal kind of shirt with a criss-cross line forming small or large squares all over the fabric. Men in check shirts have always looked cool. The variety in checked shirts is amazing, you get options in colors, combinations, fabrics, and sizes of the square. One could never stop themselves from getting a check shirt.   

Half Sleeve Check Shirts for Men

Checks shirts which are half sleeves and the ones with the smaller checks are the most popular ones as they bring out your inner fashionista. These shirts are very well known for their semi-formal checks shirt look. These shirts can be worn for formal, semi-formal, smart, or casual looks. A casual check shirt for men for an evening outing during summer is a perfect attire, but you can even wear it as a jacket over a t-shirt during winter. 

Different Types of Checks Shirts

These check shirts can be worn on any occasion and any place, they bring comfort and style with them. Below are some features that can help you distinguish the kind of checked shirt available. 

  • Pattern

The check pattern shirts vary from small size squares to squares of two different colors alternately placed. They come in single stripes to multiple lining shirts for men giving them an amazing look. Even if you wear a different pattern of check shirts every day you’ll still not run out of patterns.

  • Color

Another thing in the shirt that makes it brings out your style is the collar. There are many different types of collars available. You can either choose a standing collar known as a mandarin collar shirts or a narrow slim collar.

  • Sleeve Length

The sleeve length of the check shirt can be on your comfort level. It can be full sleeves, half sleeves, or even quarter sleeves.

  • Fit

You can choose either a skin fit or a loose fit to pair this check shirt for men with a jacket.

  • Hemline  

The hemline is the end of your shirt which can be either straight, high-low style, or curved. 

How to Style your Checks Shirt Online?

You can easily pair your checked shirt with contrast color trousers or pants. If you plan to wear your checked shirt with a jean, make sure their color contradicts each other perfectly. Checked shirts are a perfect example of comfort and style, one can never go wrong with these shirts. They come in many fabrics, which can be chosen according to preference or the time of the year. Every other year a particular check shirt for men  design comes into a trend, but all over check shirts never go out of style. 

Why TheRichero for Best Check Shirts for Men?  

With so many varieties and options available in the market for the checked shirt, it gets really hard to choose one. At TheRichero, you’ll find a perfect match for you. With a wide range of options for you to choose from, you’ll definitely end up buying more than you wished for. There are around 5 main types of check pattern shirts like Plaid shirts, Gingham shirts, Windowpane, Tattersall, and pin checks. No matter if you want a chirpy look, a gentleman look, or a denim look, there is a check shirt for each and every one of them. 

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