We frequently pay close attention to the fit and color while purchasing a dress or button-up shirt. Most of the time, we simply wear the collar that comes with the shirt. This is unfortunate because collars have a significant role in how a shirt fits your body and frames your face.

Collared Shirts

Collars come in a variety of styles and have been worn in every day and high fashion for millennia. The stand collar, flat collar, and roll collar are the three fundamental types of collars, despite the numerous variations. There are countless variations of these three sorts of collars that can be used to add flair and personality to garments.

Cutaway Collar

The cutaway collar is the ideal choice for guys with oval or narrow faces and slimmer or longer necks since it visibly spreads your features and creates balance in your entire appearance. The Cutaway Collar can help you make the desired fashion statement in both casual and formal attire.

How to Style CutAway Collar Shirts for Men?

 This widely used style complements any appearance or shirt fabric type and has a very wide distribution. Combine a full or half tie knot, one of the simplest tie knots to master, with a cutaway collar. You can also wear this collar without a tie. The extreme cutaway collar, which has a curved front and points that are angled as far back as possible, is a modern form of this collar. It looks best when worn with a broader tie knot because this particular collar draws attention to the width of the neck. The Cutaway Collar makes the best presentation when worn with vibrant hues or patterns and unconventional suit jacket styles. It looks just as good when worn casually as when worn with a suit jacket and tie.

The Cutaway Collar has the extra benefit of not even needing a tie to remain a fashionable addition to your wardrobe. This shirt is an essential piece for your wardrobe collection just because of its adaptable design. It can handle any role you need to play, whether your day calls for high-end business, business casual, or just plain shirts for men.

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